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[Note added on March 12]


Changed browser support information for Android™ 2.3.*/3.*.


[Note added on March 10]


Please be notified of the schedule for system update as well as the system maintenance as below:


[Maintenance period for system update (After change)]
17:00, March 18 to March 26, 2015 (PDT)
0:00, March 19 to March 26, 2015 (UTC)

During the above-mentioned period, the entire services of PlayMemories Online will not be accessible.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this prolonged service stop.


[On November 21]


Thank you for using PlayMemories Online.

To add new functions and improve the entire PlayMemories Online service, we plan to roll out a system update around the beginning of March 2015. We plan to have a set maintenance period for this roll out. We will make a further announcement once the details have been determined.

Further, in accordance with the aforementioned system update, the following PlayMemories Online functions and apps will no longer be supported.

1. "Photo books" and "Postcards" functions
The functions to create, view, and share "Photo books" and "Postcards" on PlayMemories Online will be terminated. Moreover, the function to create new Photo books and Postcards will be terminated before the update at the beginning of December 2014.

Data for Photo books and Postcards that you have created will be stored as image data* in your Collection after the system update.**

* Some information, such as decorations and text, may not be maintained. Your understanding in this matter is appreciated.
** Data of Photo books and Postcards shared from other users will not be retained (Data of Photo books from the "Add to My Bookshelf" function will be retained).

2. Functionality to link with PlayMemories Studio
The functionality to access PlayMemories Online from the PlayMemories Studio app for PlayStation® 3 will be terminated. While the link functionality with PlayMemories Online will be terminated, you can still use PlayMemories Studio independently.

3. PlayMemories Online app compatibility with Android™ OS version 2.3.x/3.x
The supported Operation Systems of the PlayMemories Online app for Android™ will be changed to Android™ 4.0 and later. In accordance with this change, the PlayMemories Online app can no longer be used with Android™ 2.3.x/3.x. To use the PlayMemories Online app, please upgrade your OS to Android 4.0 or later or use a Web browser*.

* For support information of web browsers, please see here.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.
We hope you will continue to use PlayMemories Online in the future.