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Thank you for using PlayMemories Online.

With the PlayMemories Online system update scheduled to be held in early March 2015, the "notification function" will be discontinued for certain Bravia TV models as indicated below.

[Applicable products]
  Sony TV Bravia® 2014 models
  X9 B/X8 B/W9 B/W8 B/W7 B/W6 B/W5 B/S9 B Series

[Discontinued function]
For customers using PlayMemories Online on their Bravia TV, the function where a notification is displayed when another user shares a photo or video will be discontinued.

The function where an email notification is sent when another user shares a photo or video will still be available.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We look forward to your continued patronage of PlayMemories Online.

* For details on the PlayMemories Online system update, see here.