What's New

A major update for PlayMemories Online and PlayMemories Home is now available,providing you with more convenient ways to enjoy your memorable photos and videos.

Main Changes:

- 1. "All Sync" and other new features
With new features like "All Sync" which automatically brings all of your photos on your PC and smartphone* into one, your memories can now be arranged and viewed in more fun ways.
Click here for details.

- 2. Updates for "PlayMemories Home" (Windows app)
Aside from "All Sync", Home Network(DLNA) support and a new multi-view editing function is available. In addition, the app can now be downloaded (for no charge) even if you do not own a Sony camera or VAIO.
Click here to download.

- 3. Service for more countries and regions
PlayMemories Online is now available also in the following 15 countries/regions:
Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Russia, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Hong Kong

- 4. Updates for related apps
The following apps from which PlayMemories Online can be enjoyed are scheduled to be updated accordingly.
- "Album by Sony" (Windows 8 app)
- "Album" (Xperia app)
- Smartphone/Tablet apps (for Android and iOS)
- "PlayMemories Home" (for Mac)

The updates will be notified here when they are available.

* The "All Sync" feature will become available for smartphones through the update (which will be provided at a later date) for the PlayMemories Online app ("Album" app for Xperia phones).

* With this update, certain features and names (for example, "albums" are now known as "collections") have been changed.
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