What's New

PlayMemories Online now supports Sound Photo contents.

Sound Photo can be played back on the following apps:


- Xperia Album (ver. 6.2 onward)

- PlayMemories Online Web page

- PlayMemories Online Android app (ver. 4.3 onward)

- PlayMemories Home (Windows) (ver.4.0.00 onward) *Audio playlack of slideshows is not supported.

- PlayMemories Online Bravia app (from FY14 model, excluding R series)


* Audio playback of Sound Photo on PlayMemories Home (Mac), PlayMemories Online iOS app, and Album by Sony (Windows app for PC) is not supported. For Mac and iOS devices, please enjoy by signing in from the  PlayMemories Online web page.


* Photo editing for Sound Photo is supported on PlayMemories Home (Windows). Please note that when you edit, save, or rotate Sound Photo on an unsupported app, audio may be lost.


[click here for further information about Sound Photo]