[Added on April 11]

Released the fixed version of the PlayMemories Home Windows® version. By updating PlayMemories Home, you can use the link function between PlayMemories Home and PlayMemories Online.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused.
We appreciate your continued patronage of PlayMemories Online.

[Note added March 30]

On March 9 we informed you that a fixed version of PlayMemories Home is scheduled to be released in late March. Unfortunately, preparation for the fixed version is requiring more time.

We will inform you when the fixed version is ready on this page.

We deeply apologize for the prolonged inconvenience caused by this problem.

[Note added on March 9]

As a result of the investigation, we acknowledge that some photos and/or videos may  not be displayed properly in PlayMemories Online for certain users who accessed PlayMemories Online from PlayMemories Home.

We are currently working to release a revised version of PlayMemories Home by the end of March 2017. Your patience is highly appreciated. 

PlayMemories Online is temporarily unavailable on PlayMemories Home for Windows®.

We are working to restore services as quickly as we can, and we would like to thank our customers for bearing with the interrupted service.


- The Sony PlayMemories Online Team